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Our country copper-clad r.p. panel industry development health and problem analysis

At present, China is the world copper clad industry's first big manufacturing and consumer. Copper clad in China since the end of the total "15" in 2005 exceeded 200 million ㎡, in quantity has been the world first, to 2010 total amount already accounted for 80% of the global total. Since 2009 production are also account for more than 50% of the global total. In addition, the "11th five-year plan" period, the company also made a series of technical progress, in some high technology content of copper-clad boards realized the batch production: no bromide copper clad mass production. To adapt to the lead-free PCB process of high Tg, high heat resisting copper clad mass production. Three layer method flexible copper clad mass production. Low-standard metal base copper clad mass production. Exhaust gas combustion heat recycling technology comprehensive promotion; IC packaging base plate with high performance copper clad began to technology development, etc.


Even so, China's copper clad industry still need to face industry promotion difficult dilemma. Objectively speaking, China's copper clad development for decades, at present is still big but not strong, in import market higher ratio of dependence on some key raw materials (such as high-grade copper foil, extremely thin electronic glass fiber cloth, special resin, film, packing, etc.) development progress is not big, some high technology copper clad, such as restrict the electronic information industry "packaging base plate with copper clad", "to adapt to high density interconnect (HDI) technology of copper clad" and so on application research, market development progress is a little; Based on the future "cloud computing" and so on more high-end electronic information technology, addition process circuit board technology, photoelectric circuit board technology need new substrate materials, the basic in blank. This, to a certain extent, restricted the development of the electronic information industry in our country. The future China copper clad industry promotion, will mainly displays in the high technology copper clad the r&d, manufacturing and application of above.


The situation caused by the main reasons, first of all, our country's basic industry is backward, the upstream raw materials industry, the more problems; Second, America, Japan, etc in China mainland investment enterprise, average production this enterprise's medium and low grade products; Third, the current domestic parties have not yet been fully realize "high technology copper clad restricted the further development of China's electronic information industry" this fact, it is difficult to do for the national, industrial power, change the existing situation, and the above several kind of high technology copper clad the r&d, manufacturing and application, just not by a certain enterprise alone can do it; Fourth, is also the most important problem, copper clad industry to lead to develop new products, there must be China's own chip technology to lead, while China's electronics industry in the most core chip part there is still no technology, at least not in the world have the right to speak or right to control technology.


In the face of all these problems, we suggest that: first, the state should pay great attention to and solve CCL industry development bottleneck problem, the competent departments shall set up a special, coordination and copper clad professional related research institutes and copper clad enterprises in the national technology research and development center. Second, we should improve the import and export encourage policy, at present the execution of encourage import technology and product catalogues, foreign investment industrial guidance catalogue, copper clad only ranked special electronic materials under item, often have the government asked industry association issued by copper clad whether to belong to "special electronic material" proof, so deal with "special electronic material" covers categories of products to make further expression; In the export policy, should stick to the copper clad and special material for electronic product treatment policies; In the import policy proposal for high technology copper clad raw materials used in domestic quantity or quality failed to ensure that when need, a temporary import preferential rate.